12 days of infusion gifts


Giving gifts this holiday season is hard.  What to get that person in your life who does infusion therapy can cause angst, however we’re here to help.  Our elves have been busy putting together an infusion patient gift guide on a Pinterest board showcasing the perfect gifts for that special someone in your life who Santa agrees has been nice.  Check out these gifts and then click on the link to the Pinterest board at the bottom that lists many items to put under the tree and in his or her stocking.
Give the gift of:

1. Comfort

Infusion patients spend many hours in treatment every week. Being comfortable can make a big difference not only in their mood but in their health. Try giving a lumbar pillow for extra back support or a new bed for a better night’s sleep. If your loved one is frequently in the kitchen, think about an anti-fatigue mat. They give cushion and support when baking or cooking.

massaging-wheel-cover2. Safety

Arthritis can make it hard to hold on to things like steering wheels. A massaging steering wheel cover adds bulk and texture for drivers to get a better grip.

3. Hydration

Infusion medications can occasionally leave patients dehydrated. It’s important to get the proper amount of fluids even when on-the-go, so give a colorful water bottle or have one customized!  Fruit infuser water bottles are an inspired way to add flavor to your H2O.

4. Relaxation

A soothing bubble bath can help relax a patient’s aches and pains. Try a bubble bath with Epsom salt and lavender oil for extra comfort.

5. Motivation

Staying active is important to anyone’s health. Give a pedometer or activity tracker to give them goals and motivation to keep moving.

6. Convenient Meals

Sitting in the chair for infusion therapy sometimes seems like a home away from home…and you get hungry! An insulated lunch bag will keep meals cold or hot during treatment. You can also buy gift cards for local restaurants who deliver to the infusion center.

7. Functional fashion

Giving specially-designed clothes for arthritis can keep your loved one warm, fashionable, and relaxed.

8. Entertainment

Long hours in the infusion chair aren’t as bad with music or movies. Electronics like iPods, tablets, and DVD players can provide hours of entertainment. No one likes uncomfortable head phones, so make sure they can enjoy their TV show binge watching with a lightweight pair. If they already own these, you can always buy an iTunes gift card, Netflix subscription, or some audiobooks.

9. Warmth

Infusion centers can feel cold at times due to air conditioning or from patients having their skin exposed for long periods of time. For many patients, a blanket is a must have – the softer the better. Gloves, socks, and scarves will also keep your loved one toasty.

10. Fashion 

When you have rheumatoid arthritis wearing jewelry with tiny clasps is nearly impossible. Get some magnetic clasps to put on your loved ones jewelry so they can continue to be as fashionable as ever! Cuff bracelets that are hinged are another chic way to accessorize.

11. Brain teasers

Keep your loved one mentally sharp! Get them an assortment of Sudoku, crosswords, and brain teaser books to keep their brain wrinkly during treatment.

Easy-Action-Micro-Tip-Scissors12. Kitchen Independence

Canned goods and tight jar lids won’t be a problem anymore with the gift of automatic openers. Specially designed scissors make cutting a breeze as well.


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