Bubble soccer, crafts and relay racing all make for fun home office Wellness event


Bubble soccerOn a beautiful Friday afternoon, about 50 home office MPP Infusion and Renal Ventures employees gathered at the nearby Applewood Park for lunch, bubble soccer, and relay race activities for their 2015 Wellness activity.

The event on September 11 was catered by Costa Vida with a delicious Mexican food spread. After filling up on chicken, beans, and rice, employees gathered with their Red or Blue teammates for the Wellness event.

Employees could participate in any of the three stations that were set up and earn points for participation and team wins at bubble soccer. One was the craft/game area and make United We Stand crafts or play Jenga. The second was the relay race with potato sack races, corn hold, ladder ball, and frisbee toss. The third station was the infamous bubble soccer with employees climbing in and wearing large inflatable balls and playing soccer five vs. five.

Bubble soccerThe bumping was fast and furious as employees sought to kick the ball into the goal and keep from getting bumped to the ground or taking out spectators. After several round of bubble soccer with employees tagging out after 3 minute games, Red and Blue teams challenged each other to the relay race with the blue team edging out for victory.

Watch a video of bubble soccer and relay races here

Overall, the Red team earned the most points and were awarded medals. In addition to those prizes, individual participants’ names were pulled out of a hat and won RV Wellness items.

Home office RV Wellness Head Coach and Accounts Receivable Specialist Marlesia Slack helped coordinate the event. “We wanted to get everybody active for this RV Wellness event. I played bubble soccer last year at Taste of Colorado and it was lots of fun, a bit tiring, but not too difficult.”

Bubble soccer“I heard lots of positive feedback about the event. [President of Multispecialty Partners] Ellen Davis said it was one of the best events. [Infusion Revenue Operations Coordinator] Brandy Myers said that this was the best Wellness Coach team activity she’s been a part of since she’s been with MPP Infusion,” said Slack.

Thanks to the Home Office RV Wellness committee that helped put on the event!