It’s about raising money for arthritis


Walk-to-Cure-Arthritis-2016_08_storyOver 1,000 people put one foot in front of another raising money and spreading awareness on May 15 for the Walk to Cure Arthritis.  Held in Denver’s Washington Park, the event raised over $223,000 for the Arthritis Foundation and their mission to conquer arthritis.

MPP Infusion Center of Denver (ICOD) Administrative Assistant Heather Hudson staffed a booth at the walk and promoted ICOD’s services and passed out swag to over 600 walk participants.

The event featured a three-mile and one-mile course for families and participants with two and four legs, with dogs joining their human packs.

Walk-to-Cure-Arthritis-2016_06_storyDonate money to the Walk to Cure Arthritis as every dollar matters

MPP Infusion aimed to recruit at AAPA conference


AAPA-conference_storyLocated on the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio, Texas, the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center was the meeting place for the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) annual conference from May 14 to 18. Attending on Sunday, May 15, Regional Director of Infusion Operations Ken Idicula and Advance Practitioner Jene Butler represented MPP Infusion during the AAPA career fair.

Approximately 6,000 attendees at the conference could earn hours of CME, obtain career and practice tools, learn about the latest medical innovations, and partake in fun networking events. The AAPA career fair portion connected more than 700 job searchers to 42 employers from around the country.

The employers represented different practice settings, specialties, and sizes of health systems. The event is one of the premier opportunities for PAs and PA students to meet with recruiters, get their questions answered, and possibly get hired.

In preparation for future growth and to get the word out about their services, MPP Infusion staffed a booth at the career event. Idicula and Butler provided attendees with an overview of MPP Infusion services, an informational brochure, and business cards.

MPP-booth-at-AAPA-career-fair_story“We had a great turnout of about 150 visitors to our booth varying from PAs who are actively seeking employment to students that are graduating in August or December. Many of them were interested in our centers and mentioned pursuing opportunities with us as they come available,” said Idicula.

  • To learn more about the conference and register for the 2017 conference in Las Vegas, visit

MPP Infusion patients overwhelmingly respond to recent survey


MPP-Infusion_Southlake_015_storyThanks to their hard work and focus on their patients, MPP Infusion teammates had a response rate of 83% to their recent patient satisfaction survey. Receiving feedback from patients and learning the infusion facilities’ strengths and areas of improvement drove the desire to have as many patients complete the survey as was possible.

“Our primary goal was to increase the response rate for the patient survey from when they took it at the beginning of 2015 to the survey at end of the year. We also wanted at least 50% of surveys returned so we could get not only statistically significant results, but have our finger on the pulse of our patients’ opinions,” said Infusion Senior Director of Corporate Operations Lisa Yoakum.

They successfully completed both goals with the Infusion Center of Denver increasing their response rate from 52% to 96% and the Infusion Center of Dallas increasing their rate from 6% in the first quarter of 2015 to 76% in the fourth quarter of 2015.

MPP-Infusion_Dallas_019_storyOverall, the MPP Infusion satisfaction rating was 4.68 out of 5.0, which is an excellent rating. The results of location specific surveys will be shared with each facilities’ staff to improve the service that all MPP Infusion staff provides to patients.

2015 Year In Review covers accomplishments


Year in Review 2015MPP Infusion employees made a significant difference in our patients’ and each others’ lives.  From Operations to Wellness to Education to IT and AR, staff worked extra hard to be the “RV Difference” and exceed expectations.  The 2015 Year In Review covers many of those accomplishments.

MPP Infusion had a busy year with the grand opening of both the Arlington and Southlake locations and the JCAHO Accreditation of all six infusion centers in the Dallas/Fort Work area and the Infusion Center of Denver.  Across all MPP Infusion locations, they welcomed 560 new patients and administered 8,357 treatments.

View the 2015 Year In Review

In a world where infusion can be intimidating…MPP Infusion releases new video


“Welcome to the infusion centers.”  With those calming, opening words, MPP Infusion’s new video shows potential and current patients all about the process of infusing at MPP Infusion centers.

The updated video was recently posted to  It shows the process of a patient entering an infusion center, receiving a check up, getting set up in a heated chair with WI-FI, and starting the infusion process.

The video also lists the drugs they infuse and the overall benefits of an infusion center compared to a hospital.  In addition, the video features Senior Director of Infusion Operations Lisa Yoakum discussing financial alternatives for infusion patients.

MPP-Infusion-video-2016_02_story“I’d feel comfortable sending a loved one of mine to one of our centers specifically because their comfort is job one.  I believe our company is built for that purpose,” said Senior Director of Infusion Josh Smith in the video.

Watch the updated 4 minute video about MPP Infusion

Ceceilia Gee appointed to expert panel for Infusion RN certification


She considers it her retirement job, but that doesn’t mean that Infusion Center of Denver Clinic Coordinator Ceceilia Gee is letting her infusion skills stagnate.  Last year she earned her Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI) accreditation and was chosen to be on the 2016 CRNI expert panel to help shape the certification exam for future infusion nurses. Editor’s note: Infusion Center of Denver is owned by MPP Infusion, a Renal Ventures Management company.

Cecelia-Gee_CRNI-cert-expert_storyThe CRNI certification is offered by the Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation (INCC), which was established in 1983 to develop a credentialing program that increases positive patient outcomes and enhances the specialty of infusion nursing.  INCC’s CRNI certification is the only nationally recognized and accredited certification in infusion nursing.

“The CRNI certification test is tough.  I took it twice and missed it by two points the first time,” said Gee. “It’s designed to cover all aspects of infusion from biologics to hemotology-oncology and have a pass rate of about 60% [of test takers].”

To help confirm that the test is up-to-date and the questions are difficult enough to ensure a base competency level amongst test takers, INCC convenes an expert panel of 15 infusion nurses every five years.  Gee volunteered for the current panel because INCC wanted nurses from all infusion therapy environments.

The panel evaluates the difficulty of the questions, but Gee wanted to do more than that. “With biologic infusion growing at such a rapid pace, I’m encouraging them to have more questions with that content on the CRNI exam,” said Gee.

The panel evaluates each question based on how many people they think will get the question right.  If the percentage of people who get it right is significantly different from how many people the panel think will get it right, the question is reevaluated and possibly changed.  The exam consists of 170 questions administered over three hours and covers core content areas of infusion nursing and the INCC Role Delineation Study.

CRNI_HEADER_storyOver the past three years 663 candidates have passed the exam with a total of 3,400 infusion nurses earning the CRNI accreditation since its inception.

“I see the CRNI certification program continuing to grow as more medicines become infusibles and more facilities like the Infusion Center of Denver open their doors and treat patients.  I encourage all infusion nurses to earn the CRNI certification,” said Gee.

The next CRNI exam is scheduled for March 2016.

– To learn more about INCC and the CRNI certification, visit their web site at

Dr. Stuart Kassan receives top honor from American College of Rheumatology


Dr-Stuart-Kassan_storyStuart S. Kassan, M.D., medical director of the Infusion Center of Denver and Chief Medical Officer of Multispecialty Physician Partners, was honored with the American College of Rheumatology’s (ACR) Paulding Phelps Award. The award is a reflection of Dr. Kassan’s outstanding contributions to the advancement of rheumatology.

The ACR recognizes leading researchers, clinicians, mentors and other professionals exhibiting superior commitment to the advancement of the field of rheumatology with the Awards of Distinction honors. The Paulding Phelps Award is awarded to a clinical rheumatologist for outstanding service to patients, community and the practice of medicine. The award was presented at the ACR annual meeting in San Francisco on November 6, 2015, at the opening ceremony.

“I’m honored to be recognized by my peers for this award,” said Kassan. “Infusion Center of Denver patients inspire and challenge me to do my best for them.  Rheumatology research has allowed us to do just that.”

In 2013, Dr. Kassan was named “Distinguished Clinical Professor of Medicine” by the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine. This was the highest award a clinical faculty member at CU could achieve. Dr. Kassan also received the 2013 Ruth Vincent Cunningham Award from the Arthritis Foundation.

Dr. Kassan was elected as a Master of the ACR in 2012. He currently serves as president of the Colorado Rheumatology Association and is a member of the Affiliated Societies Council of the ACR representing the State of Colorado.

Early rheumatoid arthritis detection helps patients’ treatment

Dana Symons

Dana Symons

Getting a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 19, is no picnic.  For Dana Symons, it was scary.  However, early treatment with  methotrexate (Rheumatrex), a disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug (DMARD) helped her manage symptoms.  “I have a flare now and then, but I am able to maintain most of my functionality and live a pretty normal life,” she says.

On the everyday Health web site, read her story and why scientists now believe that the earlier somebody with RA starts treatments with DMARDs and biologics, the better. receives facelift


MPPInfusion-web-site_story-01At MPP Infusion Centers in Northeast Texas and Denver, you can expect a relaxing, comfortable, and professional setting.  At the revamped, you can expect an easy patient referral process, blog posts, and information about the intravenous medications we offer.

The web site for MPP Infusion has been providing patients information about the seven locations in Texas and the Infusion Center of Denver for several years.  However, the site recently received a facelift to help patients find the information they need faster and easier.

On the home page, patients can see the latest blog post, watch a video about the infusion centers and staff (to be updated soon), and learn more information about what infusion therapy is.  The treatment page offers information about each of the drugs that MPP Infusion offers and referral forms for physicians to fill out for patients.

Location pages show photos of the facilities and contact information.  The new patient newsletter, the Informative Infuser, is available for download and features sections on medications, your care team, and upcoming center events.

MPPInfusion-web-site_story-02If you are a physician who would is looking to refer a patient to MPP Infusion, there is a simple three-step process on our site to follow.  Give your patients a welcome alternative to a busy hospital of medical center where they will receive personalized attention, short wait times, free Wi-Fi, and heated chairs.

Check out the new and see why we received the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for Ambulatory Health Care Accreditation and why MPP Infusion may be right for you.


Infusion home office races go-karts at Bandimere Speedway for team-building


Zipping around Bandimere Speedway at up to 55 mph, the MPP Infusion revenue operations (ROPS) team raced go-karts around a .6 mile track in Morrison, Colorado for a recent team-building exercise.  The staff learned about the benefits of being part of a team and, by having this shared experience, they do an even better job providing the RV Difference to MPP patients.

On October 15, eighteen ROPS employees went to Action Karting, donned full-body racing jackets, neck collars, gloves, and helmets and picked their go-kart.  They were divided up into two groups and each raced between 6-8 laps in three heats.

The five racers from the two groups with the fastest lap times then had a final showdown heat of nine laps.  Congratulations to Senior Director of Corporate Operations Lisa Yoakum who had the fastest lap time of a little over a minute at 1:01.282!


With the whole track to themselves, the ROPS team raced for about 2 1/2 hours as they strived to improve their times, cheered each other on, and lightly razzed those who flipped their go-karts off the track.  The team-building exercise taught all MPP Infusion ROPS employees how to work through adversity and focus their energies on being the best they can be…for each other and for all MPP Infusion patients.

Watch the revenue operations team start their engines and take off racing

“[Infusion Director of Revenue Operations] Leslie [Calkins] wanted to do a team building event that was different than the standard stuff.  This is a pretty competitive group and everybody participated,” said Yoakum.

“Leslie has built a competent and professional team and it showed at the event,” praised Yoakum.


Afterwards the department headed to the Morrison Inn for dinner and drinks.